2009 July 15

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Please contact the developer with questions or comments.

Q & A

Does BidPractice let me play a bridge hand?
No. BidPractice is strictly a hand generator and bidding recorder. It deals hands (with or without constraints) and lets players bid in turn. When the bidding is through, players can look at the entire deal to discuss whether they found the best contract.
Will BidPractice tell me what the right bid is?
No. The “right” bid in any given situation depends on the bidding system in use, the player’s judgment of hand evaluation, and other criteria that are beyond BidPractice’s scope.
How can I save a particular hand?
The easiest way is simply to take a screenshot. Press the sleep button (at top right of phone) and the Home button (round button at bottom front) simultaneously. The screenshot is saved to your Camera Roll in the Photos app.

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