2015 December 15



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BidPractice 3 is out now!

What’s New in Version 3.2

Now offers the two most requested features: set constraints on all 4 hands, and get par/makeable contract analysis courtesy of Double Dummy Solver.

How It Works

BidPractice is a pass-and-play app for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. It lets up to four bridge players hone their bidding skills by generating random deals.

Each deal starts with only one hand visible. Each player in turn chooses a bid, then hides the hand before passing the device to the next player. The complete deal may be shown at any time.

BidPractice uses Double Dummy Solver to present the par contract(s) and (on 4-inch or larger screens) all makable contracts for each deal. It does NOT evaluate your bids or make bidding suggestions. It deals hands and records the bidding so you and your partner can discuss the auction and work out bidding issues.

Download BidPractice on the App Store

  • Setting constraints on the North hand
  • Setting constraints on the East hand
  • Buttons for all available bids
  • The East hand is displayed with the current auction
  • After the auction is ended, all four hands are displayed with the par and makable contracts