2016 August 14

Just the Facts


Sergeant Joe Friday, from the Dragnet TV show

Enough of this nostalgic nattering! Sgt. Friday would not be impressed. The cry goes round Derwood and environs, “Give us the facts!”

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2016 August 6

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been


Portion of the Washington DC Metro System map

Many people have written to share their appreciation of these posts. A few folks have expressed some surprise: «Creative writing? I thought you were a computer guy!» So since there's no news yet (four days to next oncology appointment), I thought I'd ramble on for a space about how I ended up managing websites.

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2016 August 5

What to Do? What to Say?


Hamlet contemplates the skull of Yorick

I continue to be deeply moved by the volume of support via email, website comments, letters, phone calls, and visits. Occasionally, someone apologizes for taking a long time to respond or not knowing what to say. But there's no need for any apology.

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