2016 August 6

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been


Portion of the Washington DC Metro System map

Many people have written to share their appreciation of these posts. A few folks have expressed some surprise: “Creative writing? I thought you were a computer guy!” So since there's no news yet (four days to next oncology appointment), I thought I'd ramble on for a space about how I ended up managing websites.

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2016 August 5

What to Do? What to Say?


Hamlet contemplates the skull of Yorick

I continue to be deeply moved by the volume of support via email, website comments, letters, phone calls, and visits. Occasionally, someone apologizes for taking a long time to respond or not knowing what to say. But there's no need for any apology.

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2016 July 19

The Calm During the Storm


International Space Station view of hurricane Ivan and the eye of the storm.

Often throughout my life, I've been told that I “radiate calm” or words to that effect, which is typically a good thing. Given the recent circumstances, though, I think there is a concern I may be taking this conceit too far. More than one person has looked at me as if saying, “Shouldn't you be more distraught?” I know this because one of the first people to think so was me.

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