2017 March 19

Strictures on Eating


Diagram of the stomach connecting to the duodenum (small intestine)

Two days ago, the Plate List Tour was scheduled to visit Rasika, DC's temple of fine Indian cuisine. Did we partake of pleasing portions of paneer? Taste tangy tidbits of tandoor? Nibble on nourishing nuggets of naan?

We did not. I ate a simple dinner at home that night. And it was delicious.

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2017 February 1

Journeys & Destinations


A circular labyrinth with a single path winding around to the center

Over the next few weeks we settle into a simple routine. I bring in books to read—⁠children’s books mostly, which are easy to read aloud and often wiser than their grown-up counterparts. Although Ashoka still can’t summon the details of his forgotten tryst, he stops worrying about it.

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