2020 May 25

Visiting Relatives in Italy


Tower of Pisa

Elliot and I toured Italy in the early spring of 1991.  As planned, we went down the Amalfi Coast (stunning) and then on to visit his great uncle's family.  The hotel we stayed at before we got to his relatives was kind enough to help facilitate a call to those relatives to coordinate.  Elliot and I spoke no Italian, and they spoke no English, so the hotel owners, who spoke both, were very helpful.

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2017 December 26

The End


Elliot looking out on the Amalfi Coast in 1991

Elliot looking out on the Amalfi Coast in 1991

On December 20th, Elliot was delusional, falling out of bed, and not himself.  Anne correctly admitted him to Casey House, where he was administered pain medication and sedation.  She called me, Jacob Davenport, that morning to tell me that he might just have hours left, so I rushed over.  Over the next four days, his friends, coworkers, and family visited him to say goodbye.  We played his favorite music, talked with him and about h

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2017 June 4

Hunt 2017: Capture the Firebird


The Firebird of Russian fable.

Move over, Beatles—Sgt. Pepper isn't alone in celebrating an anniversary this year.

It was 30 years ago today
We made a Treasure Hunt so folks could play
It's been going in and out of style
But I hope that you'll still flash a smile
When we send this invite to you
To the Hunt you've known for all these years
The 30-year Treasure Hunt DC!

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